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Christ Church Youth @ Soul Survivor 2019

The first week in August saw a group of 16 young people and youth leaders from Christ Church, Downend attending ‘Soul Survivor’, a Christian youth camp at the Stafford Show Ground. They were amongst 7000 young people from all over the UK attending the 5-day celebration. Soul Survivor is for young people to flourish in wholeness and in faith. Soul Survivor has been running for 26 years and this year is the last one, which made it extra special. At the first Soul Survivor in 1993, just shy of 2000 young people attended, this year, over 27,000 will have attended across four separate events. Young people engaged in live music, seminars, sports tournaments, a UV party, silent disco and late-night worship. Gary Smart, one of the youth leaders said, “It was amazing to see the impact the camp had on our young people; one of our 14-year old boys said it was the best five days of his life and one of our 15-year old girls, who had also been to Glastonbury this Summer, said that Soul Survivor had a Glastonbury feel, but as a Christian camp, felt like being away with thousands of brothers and sisters. Although Soul Survivor has come to an end, its amazing work will continue. The leadership team are passionate about supporting and promoting other Christian youth festivals taking place in Summer 2020.

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