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Youth Team Supporting Neema Crafts (Tanzania)

This Sunday saw the youth group supporting Neema with a sale of Neema crafts. A youth mission from Christ Church visited Neema in Summer 2015 and Ben and Katy Ray, Neema directors, are our mission partners. A big thank you to all who bought items and those who support Neema in prayer.

In Tanzania, people with disabilities are often considered to be a burden or even a curse. People think that nothing can be done for them. They are often left uneducated and told that the best chance they have is to beg on the streets. The Neema Crafts Centre is changing people’s perceptions of disability and provides high quality training and employment for disabled artisans, chefs and technicians.

Ben and Katy Ray are three years in to a 6-year mission working with the Church Missionary Society. (

Ben and Katy are local (Bath origins) Christians with big hearts for the broken, the poor and the disadvantaged in society. Their mission is Christ-centred, focused, inspirational and they very much lead by example, demonstrating an outpouring of God’s love.

As directors of Neema Crafts their job is to ensure the many facets of the centre (seven different crafts workshops, shop, cafe, conference room and guesthouse) are all on track and that the products and services are attracting customers and promoting the work of people with disabilities. They also oversee various other projects including the entrepreneurship training course, tailoring training, computer and English teaching, mobility access and their latest house building project for their staff.

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