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Action in Aid of the Nepal Earthquake

YOUNG people in Downend were so moved by the plight of the victims of Nepal’s earthquake they decided to take action to help. Around 30 youngsters plus leaders from Christ Church Downend’s youth club organised an all-night sleep-out called ‘Cardboard City’. The event, on Friday May 8, took place in the car park of the Christ Church Centre, with all proceeds going to the Earthquake Appeal. George, 12, said: “It was a good experience. It makes you think, what if it had happened to you?” Youth Pastor Diane Paddon said: “The Nepal earthquake survivors are sleeping out in the open because their homes were devastated by the 7.8 magnitude quake. The fear of further damage from aftershocks prevents people from returning to their houses. “It was moving to see the respect and compassion with which the young people listened to the talk about the devastation caused by this earthquake and then prayed for the victims and the aid-workers.” The young people collected nearly £80. This money, combined with other Christ Church activities, has raised £445.40 for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

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