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You don't have to leave your house to come to youth!

The pandemic guidance that everyone should avoid public gatherings and crowded places, gives us an exciting opportunity to explore how to do youth groups differently! To start with, we are planning to run some of our youth groups electronically using live-streaming. We have started experimenting with different live-streaming applications. This will involve us sending you a link by email which you can use to log-in to the stream. You can use your phone, PC or laptop. You can choose to use your camera (so we can see each other) or just your microphone. Sunday morning youth group: On Sunday morning, we will email or text you a link to log-in. The session will run from 11.00, but you will be able to log-in 15 minutes before the session commences. Elev8 and Elev8+ youth groups on Wednesday evenings: We still have the final session of Youth Alpha, ‘What About the Church’. It is one of the best in the series. We will send you a link on Wednesday by email or text. The sessions will start at the same time as they usually do (6.30 for yrs 6,7 and 8) (8.00 for yrs 9 plus). Again, you will be able to log-in up to 15 minutes before it starts.

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