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Serving Sunday

A big thank you to the young people in Christ Church’s Sunday youth group for getting involved in a litter-pick in Staple Hill.

A crisp and sunny February Sunday morning was witness to a team of young people, some parents and youth leaders wending their way through the flats and side streets, armed with sacks and litter-pickers. They tool care not to disturb animals or damage plants and not to remove “natural” rubbish like logs, stones and weeds.

The team were very grateful when one of the local residents came out and handed out some chocolate as a thank you. Staple Hill is in the heart of our community and small actions can have a big impact and help us to maintain pride in our neighbourhood. The youth group have a ‘serving’ Sunday every four to five weeks where they get involved in community projects. Youth leader Diane Paddon said, “An important part of being in a Christian youth group is engaging in ‘social action’. Social action involves nurturing social awareness and social responsibility; oh, and not forgetting, having fun too!”

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