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Bin There - Done That - Serving Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in early September and the youth group from Christ Church, Downend felt inspired to serve the local community by doing a litter-pickup around the shops in the centre of Downend. The 2nd Sunday in each month is ‘Serving Sunday’ and the youth group look to find opportunities to make a difference. Litter is not generally a big issue in Downend, but can be after a busy Saturday evening.

Gary, one of the youth leaders involved said, “Getting started litter picking can be a bit daunting - it can feel a bit embarrassing at first. Our advice is just to go for it - the feeling soon passes. And it's actually quite important people see you at it: firstly, so they know it is being done by a young person and secondly because seeing a volunteer picking it up will make people think twice about dropping litter”. The youth group are part of a wider church youth project called ‘The Noise’, which sees young people come together from across Bristol making a difference by participating in voluntary community projects and events throughout the year. You can find out more about the youth group by visiting their webpage at:

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