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Ignite Goes Wild! Youth Weekend @ Dartmoor

Heatree October 2015 was our Ignite youth weekend away on Dartmoor. We had so much fun. Over the weekend we had games, rock climbing and abseiling, high ropes challenges, art workshops, a morning run, night star gazing, a walk on the moors, a campfire with marshmallows and singing and time chilling at the house in the games room or the gardens.

Debbie was in charge of our catering and we all took turns on a cooking rota or a dishes rota.

The music group was blessed with Tim and Euan's guitar playing. And Abraham became the techie with the lap top and projector. Opportunities to develop skills and help with the singing and music were little ways to feel an important part of the group. Looking forward to building on this next time.

The weather was fab. We all had a good amount of sleep too. And we can't wait for our return trip in July 2016.

Spending time in fun activities and in talk sessions builds up trust and friendship. We all learnt a bit more about the reason why each of the leaders has a trust in God. Hearing someone's story is a good way to explain why believing in God matters to them. It was a special time to deepen friendships, with moments to talk about faith.

With Christian youth leaders its fascinating to hear about their lives. Little bits of each story touched issues some of our young people will be facing. Talking about real life is a powerful part of making sense of our life journey; where we've been and how to face the future.

"It was a very special weekend, I loved it!" Helen.

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